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22 November 1974
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I'm 37 (almost), married for 3 years and we have a lovely 2 year old daughter. We also share the house with 3 cats and a dog. Cats: Logan, our boy, is silver and has classic OCD and ADD. :) He's special. Autumn, one of our Ladies, is a small 4 year old torbie. Logan is also 4. Pandora is one of our other Ladies. She is 16 years old and very much queen of her kingdom. The newest addition to our family is a Golden Retriever lady named Harley. She was adopted from a friend and she has severe anxieties. She was rescue and we love her! :) Harley's about 2.

I'm a secretary, a college student, a mom, a wife. I'm also a High Priestss of Neo-Wicca.

Bumper.....brother to Tilt.....my first cat, my best friend. You have seen my through my awkward teen years and watched me blossom into the woman I was meant to be with your wise eyes. My first "familiar". You will always hold a place in my circle and in my heart. Blessed Be my four pawed brother. Blessed Be. (March 11, 1986-June 2003)
Tilt....beloved cat and best friend.....March 11, 1986-January 17, 2005
Buddy....four pawed son of the Sullivan Clan..... Birth date in 1985-May 2005
You were both friends and family members. We all grew up together and you are forever in our hearts.

Prayer for Bigwig in "Watership Down": "My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today."

*Edit~ October 3, 2007, our beautiful daughter Elora came into this world. She was 7 pounds and 12 ounces and 20 1/4 inches long. The long awaited event has finally arrived and we love her so very much.

* Special Note: May 1, 2006; I married my Soul Mate, Ryan Sullivan in Wiccan tradition. Ryan, as I have always accepted you and all that you are in the past, I do so from this now and this day forward. Your love is a gift from the Goddess. I fell in love with you and will love you always. Blessed Be, my heart.